Monday, May 13, 2013

Another year has gone by.....

Seriously, a year has gone by... I'm so bad at blogging!!! So much has changed in the last year.

-We had a gorgeous baby girl, Lily Grace on 3-15-12 and she has changed everything in our lives for the better

-We moved back to Arkadelphia and Jeremy is the head baseball coach at Ouachita Baptist where we met during college.

-I am working for a law firm and in my spare time (I have a ton) I am painting and trying to start my own business.

Here are some of my most recent works. Yes, yes I have an easel- I just happen to display things every time on beautiful newspaper and breakfast chairs. Sorry- these are done during nap time and this is the best I can do in an hour and a half while doing laundry, washing dishes and trying to squeeze in a painting or two. My chairs will be splatter painted for the rest of our lives.

What I really want to say is- I hope you have a bare spot in your home that you feel like could use some art. I hope you have been thinking of something to incorporate into your home that resembles what your family stands for. I hope you want something for your babies nursery that reminds you of the sweetest moments you share together. Or you want a painting with a line of your wedding vows to hang in your bedroom. I hope you want some scripture on your wall to encourage your day.

I have been praying for you to want these things. I have been praying that the Lord would bless this opportunity in my life. That he would use my talents to change the course of my life.

If you have an idea, I will try my very best to put it on canvas. I'm up for anything! Sizes are endless and I can give you an estimate if you tell me what you have in mind. Email me at 

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                                                 Sorry brooke ;) This was one of the only pictures I got of this one!

          This is Lily's monogram for her nursery, It should have more of a background, but again a year             has gone by, why change it now?

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